“Seo manager” The course of individual training — maximum

To succeed in a competitive race, to achieve the set goal and to get maximum results from your Internet business at minimum cost in 2-3 months – this is the Seo-Manger training program directed to. To get complete control over the search results and not to rely on luck, only specific search engine optimization solutions with a precisely developed promotion algorithm will give you 100% result.

The training program is formed on the basis of the promotion of a particular client’s site and the subsequent development of competitive search queries — training and promotion of Internet business. The course is unique in its flexibility and ability to be implemented in the promotion of a web-site at any stage, is applied to completely different kinds of business. The web-site promotion program is designed for a year, as well as the process of optimization and promotion is fully controlled by our experts within six months after the training.

Knowledge you will obtained after you completed the training:

  • The complete, maximum package of seo-tools collected by our experts in the work process, the designer’s model of promotion of web-sites of any theme with unique algorithms for business promotion on the Internet.
  • Complete databases of thematic and general-thematic article catalogs with high PR indices for a successful and free site promotion.
  • Prepared databases of high-quality blogs with active user traffic for raising search traffic and improving the ranking of a web project.
  • The frequency of link building, avoiding of site to fall under search engine filters, as well as a unique model of eternal and temporary links buying.
  • The successful retrieval of web-sites having fallen under the sanctions of search engines.
  • A unique model of web-site promotion in the Google search engine and other search engines, avoiding search sanctions and steady rising popular queries to the top.
  • The systematic and planned working on the site promotion to the top five key queries to the SE.
  • Elaborating and studying all available search engine optimization tools. The training is conducted at the client’s site; a promotion plan is designed for a year.
  • Full control over the promotion of the client’s web-site within six months after the training.
  • The program provides a maximum list of seo-tools for the free and paid promotion of sites of any theme regardless of the complexity level of promotion to the top of most popular head queries.

Consistent identification of goals or how the training is going

  1. Analysis and preparation of a stable platform – assigning tasks and identifying a goal
  • The basis for the successful promotion process is preparing a business project, assigning tasks and defining the target audience.
  • Designating the basic principles, approaches and methods, establish a key behavior model for search engines with regard to Internet business in general.
  • Getting introduced to the practical application of seo-tools, begin the study of the basics of web-site promotion in search engines such as Google and others.
  • What mistakes are made in the optimization of Internet projects and how to avoid sanctions from search bots. Studying automated services – the pros and cons of operation and creating our own, unique program for site promotion.
  1. Meta-description, selection of key phrases to maximize the attraction of visitors
  • Basics of the internal resource optimization, generating keywords – Meta-tags. Studying the leading thematic web-sites, determining the strengths and weaknesses of competitors.
  • How to create title – bringing sense of popular promoted words on the site for search bots.
  • How to create description – expanding key requests, practical skills for increasing the search results of promoted words.
  • How to generate keywords — the maximum addition to the requests impression, multiplying Internet site visiting by 5-10 times.
    1. Preparing for the promotion or the internal optimization
  • Working on the selection of key phrases to attract the maximum search traffic to promote the Internet resource – how do you know what request you should prefer.
  • Optimization of web-site pages, placing requests in the frequency order. How many requests should be placed in the content and do no harm – the search text spam.
  • Text for the people – how the search bots see a web-resource as a whole. Cooperating with search bots.
  • Performing orders by search bots or setting the commands using the promoted page. How to avoid becoming a victim of too diligent activity – spam for plagiarism.
  1. Conversion and usability: how to attract customers and promote a web-project – advice from SE
  • Usability and conversion as an element of internal optimization. Structuring resources to increase customer traffic and search bots.
  • Increasing conversion by introducing a user element structure – increasing sales and removing negative elements.
  1. Unique content on site pages and for external promotion
  • The model of unique text writing for humans and search bots. Titles for search engines — the connection with the SE or how to get to the top.
  • A structural chain and a set of rules for content writing, seo-copywriting – a clear set of rules for preparing material.
  • A list of forbidden topics for white promotion, stop-words, and text implying punishment by search engines. What you should not write, and how it affects the promotion.
  • The nesting priority of pages, what key phrases should be promoted on the home page.
  • Elements of keywords variations when writing seo-text and how it affects the success of the work.
  • Structuring pages – forming a set of rules. Methods of placing popular queries in the text, with the maximum increase in search traffic – the point occurrence.
  1. Black SEO methods — how to avoid sanctions from search bots.
  • Irreparable harming the site by using black and gray promotion methods.
  • SE banning or the doorway effect prohibited by Google.
  • How to benefit from using satellites, the positive and negative aspects of supporting resources.
  • Duplicates, mirrors and subdomains. Eliminating duplicate content and URL pages.
  • How to protect your web-site from competitors’ attacks and to punish unfair Internet businessmen, lowering their resources in the search results. Secrets of Google search engine engineers.
  1. Formation of web-site pages – the URL Structure
  • The layered page formation in accordance with the SeoINTek unique algorithm. Structuring the URL and naming using the language comprehensible for search engines of pages on the second nesting level and further.
  • How to affect search bots positively overcoming the language barrier.
  1. Security basis for Internet-business is the protection against hacking and search bots’ artificial pressure.
  • How to protect your business data on the Internet resource security from the third party.
  • Protection against hacking and DOS attacks. How competitors can attack the site from the SEO perspective.
  • How to avoid slumping positions and how competitors may affect the performance of the web-site in the search results.
  • Preparing the web-site for active promotion on the Internet. Secrets of the resource data protection before starting work, methods and types from the SeoINTek experts.
  1. External promotion – preparing the web-site for active work on the Internet.
  • Promotion of copyright in the site content in the Google search engine – how to punish for the text theft.
  • Studying and capabilities for analyzing web-project traffic behavior.
  • Conditions of qualitative and systematic resource indexing — Sitemap.xml, studying the structure and prioritizing.
  • Hiding the duplicate and low-quality material, pages from search engines, installing – Robots.txt. Setting up 301 redirect.
  • How I should make search engines indexing the web-site, installing counters, free links buying.
  1. Brands on the Internet — Google Maps and Addresses.
  • Registration, studying and optimization of Internet business at resources Google Maps and Addresses. How to get into the top positions of the search results in Google Maps results.
  • Proper preparation of a title and writing advertising text or how to get into the top three companies according to the search version. Giving proper feedbacks for raising the queries popularity.
  • Free link building, one of the key ways is catalogs of sites, registration and basic maintenance rules.
  1. Designing a unique algorithm of web-site promotion in a tough competitive environment.
  • The link ranging, how to achieve a strong increase in promoted queries. PR — learning to work in conjunction with Google and other search engines.
  • Methods of competent URL placement in free and paid sites to get the maximum effect from link building.
  • The effect of thematic catalogs of sites and articles, the rules and principles of registration — gaining the search popularity.
  • Secrets of getting into the top-rated free catalogs of search engines such as DMOZ and others.
  1. How to improve the site PR for free – a secret of the qualitative link placement to get the most of it.
  • Raising the rating using free methods, Google rating in the acquisition of the natural status. The leading role of blogs, notes, how to gain popularity on the Internet and increase the PR effectively.
  • Receiving benefits from the keywords positioning using communities and forums, how it works and working with leading portals.
  • Introduction to the level ranking, how the PR advances in the table and how much links are needed to raise their status at Google.
  • How to choose really high-quality and working sites, without losing money, mistakes can cost falling under search engine filters.
  1. What the social networks mean for search engines and how to get rating benefit for free using SMM.
  • Social networks and how to deal with them, how to get a link delivery.
  • Acquisition of users from groups and communities, why and how the site ranking increases.
  • Replenishing customer base.
  1. Secrets of SEO experts, saving money for the web-site promotion – reducing costs to a minimum.
  • How to attract users quickly, and affect the Internet resource popularity in the search results — registration in the site catalogs and placing the copyright content to the article catalogs .
  • Selecting thematic catalogs, article web-site promotion and rules of adding the independent resources for the general information purpose to promote specific pages and popular site queries quickly.
  • Promotion of mid- and low-frequency queries, working with bulletin boards – getting into the top ten in a month with no money investments.
  • Analysis and fixation of the site position, observing sharp jumps of the promoted words – cause and effect of discharging the SE positions.
  • Analysis of the studied material, consolidation of the information obtained – working over the key elements.
  1. Contextual advertising on Google AdWords – the first place in the search results, minimizing payments per click.
  • Studying Google AdWords features.
  • Effective use of Google service advertising leverage.
  • How to create an advertisement and attract the maximum target audience.
  • Creating AdWords campaign and affecting the rating of ad content — managing impression positions.
  • Starting an advertising campaign and increasing the impression number by the maximum dilution of thematic queries, increasing the number of visitors.
  • How to reduce the cost per click and get into the top three according the keyword query, getting customers in an hour.
  1. Joint work, partnership of services Google AdWords and Google Analytics, improving search traffic and minimizing the budget based on the data exchange. Search for the best way to attract customers.
  • Interacting and data exchanging, studying the structure and features of the optimal solution for attracting visitors.
  • Reducing rates per click, saving the budget — increasing profitability of the context campaign.
  • Analyzing the created campaign for the context promotion and lowering the bounce rate, the web-site conversion is an advantage.
  • How to attract and keep a visitor, increasing the site dwell time.
  1. Studying specialized services for links buying.
  • Studying the service for temporary links buying in leading specialized sites.
  • Studying the service for eternal links buying. Creating and adjusting campaigns for successful promotion in the Google search.
  • Working with the link exchange market, defining the required amount of links for buying to get into the TOP FIVE of the search results, creating an anchor sheet and outdistancing competitors.
  1. Analysis and evaluation of competitors, how to beat rivals in business in 3 months
  • Conducting a thorough analysis of competitors using specialized services and programs, emphasizing advantages and disadvantages.
  • Studying competitors’ promotion strategies, determining the necessary amount of links to buy to outdistance competitors successfully considering key indicators.
  • Determining queries promoted by competitor — extending the opportunities of acquiring own search traffic.
  • Making a mathematical calculation for link buying, determining the promotion cost for a particular query. Method for determining competitor’s promoted queries, the behavior model and goals of a competitor.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of competitor’s promotion, the pros and cons, what should be kept in mind and what should be refused.
  1. Secrets of rapid and high-quality web-site promotion. Promotion for the money – do you need to pay anything.
  • Link exchange markets, how to create comfortable working conditions and increase the buying quality.
  • Price of the unique content, do you need to pay for the text of questionable quality. The algorithm for placing key queries in the external promotion texts.
  • What is the anchor sheet and how to create it by yourself. The biggest mistake of automated services in link buying — a trap for beginners and what are the dangers.
  • How feedbacks affect the site — the growth of positions according to the promoted queries.
  • Summing up the work done, watching the growth of the positions of the promoted keywords.
  1. Retrieval of the site from a search engine filter (ban) – unique steps for the routine cleaning designed by SeoINTek, secrets of the search engine optimizers.
  • Investigating and analyzing the sites under sanctions of search engines – the experience of long-term researches.
  • Why sites fall under search engines filters, cause and effect of a decrease in positions and the final point of no return — the eternal BAN by a search engine.
  • A specific example (writing a plan) of the site retrieval from a search engine filter.
  • Preparing and drafting the site promotional routine for a year.
  • Full control of web-site promotion by SeoINTek experts for six months.
  1. Joint work for the optimization and promotion of an additional web-project.
  • Joint, authoring designing of a promotional model for the web-project using all the knowledge gained in the process of learning the search engine optimization.
  • A complete and comprehensive analysis of the thematic market for the promoted item, a comprehensive elaboration and planned studying the basics of the competitors’ work.

Taking an evaluation test on the knowledge and retention of the material obtained in the course of training — summarizing the whole completed course “SEO Manager”.