Corporate Website

It represents the most stocked web-resource, complete set of advanced applications, an unlimited number of promoted pages optimized for full acquisition of search traffic – customers. On the site there is a broad description of the company, its full range of services, each of which is assigned a special status and is optimized for specific search activity. The core of a corporate site lies in the abundance of opportunities; according to the customer it may contain online support, guestbook, company blog, search for all sections of the site, login menu, availability of various language versions and more, providing comfortable support for the visitors during their stay in site. Corporate websites guarantee optimal function of communication between the customer and the company to resolve the basic tasks of business, developing on the Internet, and most importantly, increase the quality of customer service with the most efficient financial return.

Every modern business today has the information tie. The development of technology has leaped forward, and sticking the old, conservative principles of advertising, regardless of the changing in market behavior, is simply dangerous and not advisable. Twenty-first century people massively rushed if not to conquer but at least to master Internet, place orders and find things in interest personally. In a strictly competitive environment, having no online resource means losing business. If you are offline — you do not exist, at least for the millions of potential buyers, clients, or those who are only eyeing the purchase subject matter, but for sure will make their orders, the only question – on what site.

Problem Statement and Cost of Solution – Direction of Corporate Website

The objective of any company is to make the best offer, to give a choice, and gradually bring the visitor to the correct decision. Thus, the functionality, a wide range of offered applications and forms included in the section of corporate website will provide full control over the system and fully optimize the resource, covering the major share of search traffic. A person must be able to carry out the order in the comfort of home, anytime, anywhere.

Independent work with the administrative panel will not be difficult, this type of web project, though more difficult to manage, so as it has a rich feature set of actions and a wider range of opportunities than others, but our company provides free training for customer to manage and fill the site. Administration of corporate website is an important component of high-quality and high-level customer service: online communication with visitors, updating the information, filling with a qualitatively new content, as well as performing other tasks to improve conversion

Corporate site will allow individual entrepreneurs, business organizations and institutions based on a voluntary basis, not only to tell the world about them and create a positive opinion, but also to attract new customers, significantly raise the level of profitability, find business partners, and increase the demand for services by expanding the target audience.

Stages of work:

  1. Defining goals and objectives of site development
  2. Preparation and drafting terms of reference
  3. Legal framework — concluding the contract
  4. Process of web-site development
  5. Introduction of online project in the general system of search ranking

SeoINTek Company cares about its customers and ensures quality work – the reputation is the hardest currency in the modern, technologically high-level business!