Individual training course using a unique methodology “Seo Expert”

Knowledge you will obtain after you completed the course:

  • The full package of Seo-tools collected using the author’s method, which you will need for promotion of sites of different thematic and complexity levels.
  • Prepared database of thematic and general thematic directories for free promotion.
  • Directory databases for free article promotion.
  • In addition to a database of high-quality blogs developed in the learning process, blogs collected by our experts during a long time of site promotions with the high PR index will be provided.
  • A unique method for link buying, both temporal and eternal. The frequency of their building to avoid falling under a search filter.
  • The frequency of their removal in the case of falling under the Google filter and promotion to the top position.
  • The developed authoring SeoINTek method, applying which you will be able to promote the site accurately without fear to bring it under the filter Google;
  • The proper development and planned work for site promotion to the top (top five) of search engines such as Google.
  • Developing a plan for promotion of your site on the Internet for a year, together with the coach. You will be trained on your own web-site, and changes will take place in practice immediately bringing your web-site to perfection.

The training program is unique in its structure and approach in general, and is suitable for use to promote any other web-site on the Internet.

Individual program for the course “Seo Expert”

The first part of the training course.

  1. Preparing and identifying goals.
  • The business area – preparing a project and determining the audience.
  • Key model of web-site promotion, the approach and methods.
  • Learning the basics, what important is to know before you start promoting your site.
  • Learning SEO-tools in practice.
  • Programs of automated services.
  • Creating own program for site promotion, an individual approach to the web-resource.
  • What you need to learn and to know exactly, not to make global mistakes in the optimization process and avoid future problems.
  1. Filling in meta-data. The right selection is guaranteed web-site traffic.
  • Proper generation of meta-tags. The things they do not teach in college.
  • Providing examples of top sites. Learning how to generate a title heading.
  • How to generate description right. Increasing the number of search queries.
  • How to generate keywords – what their function is.
  1. Creating the ideal promotion platform – internal web-site optimization.
  • Selection of keyword groups for the search results.
  • Placing key queries, optimizing site pages.
  • The number of key phrases in the text placed. The ideal structure.
  • What the user sees or trust of search engines!
  • How to set a command to act for search bots using a site page.
  • Too diligent work in optimizing a web-resource – the consequences of the lack of a plan and haste.
  1. What the user sees, and how it may affect the sale. Conversion and usability weight in search engine optimization.
  • Conversion and usability – an element of internal optimization.
  • Creating the ideal conditions for the user. Structuring the site.
  • Removing negative elements on the site.
  • Implementing key tools of the customer structure – increasing conversion.
  1. One of the most important tools for promoting web-sites. Writing unique and author’s texts for posting on the site and external resources.
  • How texts for people and for search bots should be written right and competently.
  • Learning making titles for search engines.
  • Titles and meta-data, the keywords connection. A combination for getting into the Google top.
  1. Unique content on the web-resource.
  • Copywriting in SEO. Learning rules.
  • Basic rules for text writing.
  • Stop-words and other texts that should not be written in articles – how it can affect.
  • Key queries variations in writing the SEO text.
  • What text should be written on the main page of your site.
  • The algorithm for placing key phrases in page texts.
  • Rules of forming the structure of site pages.
  1. How to start promoting the site right and not to get into the black list of search engines – a filter or a ban. BLACK SEO-promotion methods.
  • Black SEO elements, how they work and how can harm your site.
  • What the doorways are and how to avoid getting banned (into the blacklist of search engines).
  • Satellites – the pros and cons. Powerful additional resource for business promotion, if approached wisely.
  • The site mirror and subdomains. Raising the rating.
  • Removing duplicates of site and content. The author’s promotion methodology from SeoINTek.
  • What search engine engineers working in Google hide – how to cut the competitor’s rating.
  1. The main categories of creating site pages.
  • Generating site pages according to the elaborate algorithm of SeoINTek.
  • Naming site pages of the second nesting level and further in the language of search engines.
  • The language of search bots – naming (URL) site pages.
  • The language barrier of search engines, how it happens in Google, and how to be friends with them.
  1. Protection against site hacking – business security.
  • How to protect your site from hacking.
  • What ways exist to protect your data on the Internet.
  • Competitors’ attacks. What to do and how to avoid slumping positions.
  • How competitors may affect the ranking of your site.
  • How to protect yourself in advance from competitors’ attacks. How to protect your site – the basic techniques and experts’ secrets.
  • Preparing the site for active promotion on the Internet.

The second part of training.

  1. Preparing the site for external promotion.
  • Protection of the site against the content theft – confirming authorship of the web-resource in Google.
  • Exploring capabilities of Google Analytics. Installing and analysis.
  • What Sitemap.xml is, creating operating conditions for search bots.
  • Creating and work with the file Robot.txt.
  • Setting up 301 redirect.
  • Installing counters. Forced indexation and free site weight.
  1. Work with Google Maps and Addresses, making ourselves noticeble.
  • Studying and registering the site with Google Maps and Addresses.
  • Getting into the top according to keyword queries on Google Maps.
  • How to create a title and write the text, in order to get into the top three (
  • Effective use of feedback to raise the ranking in the search results.
  • Registration with directories — the basic methods or how to increase site weight.
  1. Web-site promotion – the algorithm development. Win or lose!
  • Complete information on the link ranking.
  • How to make Google and other search engines work for you. What the site PR is.
  • What basic tools and methods for quality placing the site URL you need to know.
  • Thematic site directories. The principles of proper registration.
  • The DMOZ directory and other portals of free link weight. What you need to know for getting into the top-rated directories of search engines.
  1. Increasing the PR and other site indices in Google for free, secrets of proper placement effectiveness.
  • The role of notes in blogs, how to place effectively.
  • Forums and communities, Google gives its assessment.
  • The table of the PR qrowth, how the system is build.
  • Selection of high-quality sites for placement, a mistake can cost getting under a search filter. Gaining weight actively.
  1. The role of social networks in site promoting (SMM).
  • Setting up work in social networks.
  • How communities communicate with the web-site.
  • Promoting and attracting users to groups and communities. Raising the site ranking.
  • Increasing customer base.
  1. How to save the budget for web-site promotion. Methods of SEO experts.
  • Registration with directories of sites – how to affect the effective delivery of this tool quickly.
  • Article site promotion. Using the prepared directory base from SeoINTek + learning to find new ones.
  • How to use the bulletin board effectively and get into the top ten of search engines, avoiding the ban of low and mid-frequency queries.
  • Fixing the site positions. Tracking the sudden changes in the positions — why is it necessary?
  • Summing up the work. Analyzing the studied material.
  1. Work on Google AdWords (contextual advertising).
  • Getting to know the basic functions of Google AdWords.
  • Creating advertisements, lifting the curtain, studying the principles of effective work.
  • Launching a campaign in Adwords.
  • How to influence the advertisement rankings in contextual advertising.
  • Launching an advertisement, increasing the number of impressions.
  • How to outdistance those who are in the top three and spend less at the same time!
  1. The partnership of services Google Analytics and Google Adwords, the exchange of information to increase traffic and save the budget.
  • Studying the opportunities of interaction between the main tools.
  • Lowering the rates and saving budget, the effective ad impression with Google AdWords.
  • Analyzing the created campaign.
  • Site conversion, lowering the bounce rates.
  • The dwell time or how to keep a visitor.
  1. Studying specialized services.
  • Services for temporary links buying – studying and working.
  • Link building, studying anchors.
  • What the anchor sheet is and why it is important for search engine optimization.
  • What eternal links are and how to get them – free and paid methods of site promotion in search engines.
  • Registration with the automated services for temporary and eternal links buying.
  • Buying links – manual control.
  1. How to beat competitors – analyzing and evaluating.
  • Analyzing competitors, using specialized services and programs.
  • Studying strategy to promote the competition site.
  • What kind of queries a competitor uses in site promotion.
  • Methods of determining what to use and how to apply.
  • Promotion price, and what goals are pursued
  • Analyzing competitor’s site, what mistakes were made, how it was promoted, the pros and cons of the promotion strategy.
  1. Web-site promotion – to pay or not. Secrets of successful web-site promotion.
  • Creating optimal conditions for work with exchange links.
  • What article is worth paying and whether it is necessary at all.
  • Creating the anchor sheet by yourself, the disadvantages of automated programs.
  • How feedbacks affect the rankings (the search results) of your site.
  • Watching the growth of the positions, summing up the results of the work done, analyzing the site.
  1. How to retrieve the site from a filter or ban (the author’s method of routine cleaning).
  • Sites under a filter – investigating a specific example. Knowledge from experience.
  • The reasons for a site getting under a search engines filter or a full getting into the ban.
  • The main methods to retrieve your site from the filter – writing plan based on a specific example.
  • Joint preparation of the plan for promoting your web-site with a coach for a year.
  1. Works on the optimization of your second site are carried out within the course “Seo Expert”.
  • Practical application of acquired knowledge for web-site optimization.
  • Developing a methodology for Internet resource promotion.
  • Conducting complete analysis of competitors, determining their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Carrying out comprehensive work on the site based on acquired knowledge.

Summing up the course. Taking the evaluation test within the course “Seo Expert”.