“Seo Express” — Individual course of search engine optimization. The extension of the influence in web space

Gathering information – the beginning

Taking the path the road of search engine optimization, it is important to make initially the right steps towards getting general basis of the work system as a whole. Stage-by-stage review and gradual deepening into the process of search engine optimization will allow to understand the work principle from the very first minute and this is the main task of the coach. The Express course is designed for a comprehensive review of the system of basic and in-depth researches and studying the systematic ranking of popular search queries by search engines.

During the training, we learn:

  • Modeling the promotional process
  • Planning, reviewing the main stages
  • Analysis of the necessary tools of the seo-optimizer
  • Writing a unique program for a particular web-site

Internal web-site optimization and its role in the overall mechanism of Internet business promotion

  • Selecting the key questions correctly
  • Placing key high-frequency phrases on web-site pages
  • Generating metadata
  • Managing search queries

Generating unique texts on web-site pages and what their role is

  • Connection of working content with tags
  • What you need to know when writing articles
  • Rules for writing unique content
  • What key query is better to use on the main web-site page
  • Placement of popular queries in the web-site text

The system of creating web-site pages – connection with the primary domain

  • Relevance of pages and search queries
  • The optimal nesting level of pages
  • URL name in the language of search engines
  • How to live in harmony with search engines on the Internet
  • Forced web-site indexation

Counters of web-site analytics and statistics, what their role is and preparing the Internet resource for entering the World Wide Web

  • Sitemap – setting up and functions
  • txt – setting up and functions
  • Web-site redirect, setting up and configuration – what it is needed for
  • Methods of free promotion, counters and installation — how it affects the web-site
  • Google Analytics work principles, installation and functionality

Placing a web-site on external resources – introduction

  • Link ranging – the impact on growth position
  • The PR ranks of search engines (Google)
  • A set of tools of the seo-optimizer to place the web-site on external resources
  • Thematic sites, directories and the registration process
  • DMOZ directory — a powerful, free source of weight buying

What is worth paying – free and paid methods of web-sites promotion

  • Working with blogs and their role in promoting the web-site
  • The benefits of working in the social networks, how to achieve an increase in search traffic
  • How to write articles and principles of placing key queries
  • Bulletin boards, how to raise low- and mid-frequency phrases to the TOP
  • Link spam, how to avoid it and why you should be afraid of a sudden rise in the search results
  • Analysis of competitors

Exchange markets of automated services for link buying

  • The work principle of link exchange markets – calculating a budget for promotion
  • A system of buying temporary links in the service
  • Creating a campaign and the beginning of link buying on the exchange

Minimizing promotion costs — the secrets of search engine optimizers

  • Using link exchange markets with minimum expense – buying high-quality web-sites
  • Buying articles. Unique content with your own hands
  • Creating anchors manually and why you should not trust automated programs
  • How to buy high-quality links with maximum search weight
  • Conducting the analysis of the work done

Contextual advertising on Google AdWords

  • How to achieve a decrease in the cost per click while holding only leading positions in the search results
  • How to increase sales through an advertisement created competently
  • Launching a campaign on Google AdWords, an instant increase in web-site traffic, earning money already in an hour
  • Solidifying the studied material – taking a test
  • Preparing a web-site promotional plan for the next six months