Landing Page

Landing pages, by definition, aims at attracting search engine traffic. The purpose of this type of page – maximum conversion, creating greenhouse conditions for a visitor and gently stimulate him/her to purchase a product or order a service. Landing page is one-stop solution for all areas of business, regardless of the subject matter. Versatility and uniqueness are its main features. Each created landing page should be of a custom design, carry the most complete information about the company and guide users to perform certain actions, thus, turn visitors into customers.

Competent approach and comprehensive analysis of the field of activity, that is, target orientation, will give the best results and high performance by increasing the customer base by times.

Mandatory Development Requirements – Landing Page

  • Target audience, orientation to a certain type of user mass (age, gender, professional orientation, financial capacity, etc.)
  • Ensuring the reliability of online-campaign, generating area of web-resource confidence.
  • Distinguishing the project, among other topical, competitive Internet content. Creating a unique commercial quotation — what tells the company from the others, and what is its advantage.
  • Bringing the proof of actual product quality or versatility, uniqueness and authorship of the proposed service.
  • Prompting the site visitors to act in a specific way, for instance, to order, to place an order, to buy and so on.

 Multi-Action Landing Pages’ Development System

Landing pages developing does not imply creation of one main page of the site. The form of this page type is absolutely applicable to any site and any third party page. Every single direction, a particular product or service can be identified and designated as landing. Commercially large internet sites with developed internal infrastructure also use a standard form of landing for a specific purpose, namely – focusing the visitors at a specific landing page action, such as ordering a product, service, or registering on the site

Updates on existing working site, introduction of Landing Pages into general structure and design of a web-resource aiming at increase of sales of certain product categories are possible as well.

In their work, SeoINTek specialists apply the most advanced CMS system, with the help of which it is easy to manage and add new elements to the already existing pages or create new ones. Also, our company introduced a rule of free customer training for using admin panel, on which online resource is developed and operated, that facilitates the task and saves on involving programmers.

SEO Promotion – Maximum Efficiency

Efficiency of customer base expansion, increase of conversion times by times building the structure of online business of this type does not require evidence of their effectiveness. The conversion will be reliably increased by 2-3 times with correct SEO optimization, and this is confirmed by experts all over the world. The workshops on structuring landing pages are also conducted (how to increase sales from a site on the Internet).

Landing pages initially took the form of seasonal action and were created for a certain period under the quick return using contextual advertising, but to date this structure has undergone modifications and successfully got accustomed in modern business portals and used in the full-featured SEO promotion.

Actual results and quality indicators of landing pages forced many large and small companies to rethink their advertising ambitions, to raise the target search engine traffic and increase the profit share. SeoINTek — choice of professional team for successful business and high-quality, effective advertising on the Internet.