Online Store

The basic difference of online store from other web-portals is its richness with selling pages (products), the purpose of which – making orders and purchases online. This type of site contains information about the company, feedback form of customer with the operator, a detailed description of each type of product separately: product photos, basic information, its characteristics, customer reviews, as well as video and audio materials and a variety of applications, if necessary.

Any online store is directly aimed at selling; the user should be able to select the payment method of purchase and delivery. The option to make payments in real-time will increase the revenues from the site, efficiently accelerate customer payment process. It is important to take care of the visitors and provide them with maximum comfort during their stay on the internet resource. The site has extremely user-friendly and intuitive interface that will not distract the visitor from the ultimate goal — making purchase. Creating a common project structure with a minimum number of clicks on the site during drawing up an application for purchase.

Online Store – Advantages!

Modern technologies dictate to us their vision of the future, the Internet community is growing every day, and electronic stores have become an indispensable tool in the acquisition of essential household items, gaining more and more popularity among Internet users. The popularity of shopping on the Internet is clear — the minimum margin on the goods, as there is no fee for the lease of retail space, which, in some areas of the city just fabulous. Also, a product can be purchased in the comfort of home, sitting at the computer, and the courier will deliver it at your door. The variety and popularity of modern gadgets and ubiquitous access to the Internet allows the potential customer to make a purchase at any convenient site twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Customers often leave feedback about a particular product, which in turn positively affect the rating of services and the site as a whole, causing a greater confidence in the online store, so as people would rather listen to the opinions of others, and not to the expert evaluation of the store.

Amount Involved or Legal Background

Obvious fact of leaky legal framework and challenging scheme of facilities’ preparation for the sale of goods increasingly predispose entrepreneurs to create online store. Agree that launching web-site and organizing sales online is much cheaper and faster than to open one’s own shop in a city. Online store entirely releases from care, allowing dealing exclusively with business and expanding the service range.

Online store is your (virtual) trading platform which can generate income in the form of sales or rentals. The service of online space rent becomes more and more popular; it can bring a great monthly income while doing nothing.

Stages of work:

  1. Defining goals and objectives of site development
  2. Preparation and drafting terms of reference
  3. Legal framework — concluding the contract
  4. Process of web-site development
  5. Introduction of online project in the general system of search ranking

The number of potential customers on the Internet is only limited by the number of people around the world; online store gives virtually unlimited freedom of action in acquiring customers. There is no need to lock your company in one particular area, city or even country. Develop your business with us – SeoINTek.