“Seo Professional” – The individual course program. Let’s beat competitors!

Step One. Site optimization – preparing for promotion.

  1. Introduction.
  • Modeling the concept for web-site promotion – psychology of a right choice and how it works.
  • How to start the work — the main stages of web-site promotion.
  • Basic tools in work of the SEO expert.
  • Analysis of programs. Creating optimal conditions during the work.
  • Writing an individual program for web-site promotion.
  • How to avoid troubles in the work process and not to harm web-site promotion.
  1. Works on the internal web-site optimization — being friends with search bots.
  • Selection of promotional keywords.
  • Proper placement of keywords on created web-site pages, precise occurrence and variations.
  • Tag generation – the things that are not written in any textbook.
  • Setting commands for search engines.
  1. Unique content on the web-site and how it is generated.
  • Copywriting in SEO optimization.
  • What criteria should be followed when writing texts.
  • What affects the web-site text negatively – what should not be written.
  • Keywords harmony in titles and meta-tags.
  • How the text of articles for the main page of your web-site should be written right.
  • Placing keywords in the text — the location of queries for search bots.
  1. Main categories of creating web-site pages.
  • Generating pages according to relevance.
  • Nesting levels of web-site pages should not exceed three.
  • Naming pages in the language (URL) of search bots.
  • The interaction of Google with your web-site, what they require and how to be friends with them.
  • How to get search engines indexing the web-site – going online.
  1. Setting up your web-site, what analytics and statistics.
  • How to configure the sitemap and why it is necessary.
  • How to configure robot.txt and why it is necessary.
  • How to configure redirect and why it is necessary.
  • Why it is necessary to install counters, rules and free web-site weight.
  • Installing Google Analytics, studying the work rules.

Step Two. Learning the basic tools for external web-site promotion. Link building and raising the PR.

  1. What you need to know before you place the web-site on external resources.
  • What the link ranging is.
  • The PR – Internet ranks of Google.
  • What tools will be needed for placement.
  • Preparing for registration.
  • What the directories are, the rules for registration and why the theme is important.
  • Secrets of directories, placement in DMOZ, and other resources.
  1. Paid and free methods of web-site promotion — what the effectiveness is.
  • What blogs are needed for and how to work with them.
  • Planning work in social networks — why it is necessary and what we will get.
  • Working with articles, writing algorithm and correct placement of queries – where to place them.
  • Working with low- and mid-frequency queries. How to promote the web-site to the top using bulletin boards.
  • Watching the sudden web-site rise. What the causes and negative consequences can be – punishment by search engines for link spam.
  • Analysis of the web-site development. Watching competi
  1. Work with link exchange services.
  • Everything you need to know to be able to work with link buying services.
  • Setting up a campaign, starting work.
  • Studying criteria for link buying – the rule of anchor selection.
  • Creation of a campaign on the link exchange market — starting buying links.
  1. Promoting web-site – saving the budget. Revealing secrets.
  • Link exchange markets – principles of their operation and using to the maximum with the minimum expenses.
  • How to buy articles and why. Selection of high-quality, unique materials.
  • What the anchors are. Creating the anchor sheet manually – the disadvantages of the auto-selection by programs.
  • Buying effective links. The impact on the web-site position in search engines.
  • Analysis of the work done.
  1. Learning to work on Google AdWords (contextual advertising).
  • Studying aspects of work on contextual advertising. How to ensure the ad effectiveness and at the same time significantly reduce the cost per click.
  • Creating an advertisement. How to increase sales.
  • Launching a campaign on Adwords and earning money already in an hour.
  • Solidifying knowledge – taking a test.

Preparing a promotional plan for the next six months.