Promotion of an online store in search engines

The difference between the promotion of an online store from other types of promotion of Internet resources is the maximum possible SEO-audit and global optimization of a website. The broad base of unique queries, complex optimization of all potentially selling pages and rich topics of the project show that each page is selling. By ordering the service for website promotion into the top of search engines, or by learning the promotion of a website on your own, it is worth remembering the wide potential of long tail keywords, which are much easier to promote than head keywords.

In the process of optimization of an Internet resource, the main focus is made on the number of pages, prepared for promotion, since, because of their intensity, the number of promoted requests increases. The basis of the pages of an online store is made up of moderately popular and low-popular phrases, which, because of their uniqueness, grow in rating performance of search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and other, much faster, and their role is responsible for up to 60% of the total search traffic.

Measures to be taken:

  1. Internal optimization of the online store in the whole, page by page.
  2. Promoting the online store with all the popular key words, from mid-range and long tail queries in the complex.
  3. Maximum attraction of search traffic. To enable all sources of attracting visitors to the online resource.
  4. Usability and conversion — availability of information, to convert a visitor into a buyer.
  5. Increase in sales by increasing the targeted traffic. Profit + 200%

Promotion of an online store in search engines has its own peculiarities, considering which in more detail allows you to understand the overall system of the structure of an Internet resource. Promoting standard sites is focused on the promotion of several selling pages, but, for an online store, their number is hugely multiplied.

It may be noted that more than 90% of pages of an online store are dedicated to the product itself, consisting of catalogs and merchandise pictures. Thus, it is able to draw on its pages much more visitors thanks to pre-arranged high-quality content. Promotion of an online store requires more time and attention, primarily due to the volume of work to be done on the complex organization of the whole working process.

Promotion of an online store is the most time-consuming procedure, viewability depth of pages is high, and a convenient and well-developed structure of pages with fast access to information becomes a key factor in the successful promotion.

Promotion of an online store should be extremely complex task, and search engine optimization process must be carried out exclusively by professionals in their area — SeoINTek.