Promotion of a site in rankings

The most common area of SEOs work is promotion of websites in rankings of search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo. This procedure of website promotion on the net is very well known and is used quite successfully. All of us enters a search query into a field of search engines and get the result, that is, the search results, the projects on the Internet, which have earned the respect, according to the search engines and will occupy the top lines.

The procedure of website promotion in rankings is the following:

  1. Preparation of a semantic core, selection of key phrases that are aimed at maximizing the attraction of visitors.
  2. SEO-audit of the site to identify weaknesses of the web-resource and to increase the effectiveness of promotion. Preparation of technical specifications for the resource improvements.
  3. Implementation of internal optimization: preparation of the site for a successful and dynamic start.
  4. Writing articles for external promotion.
  5. External promotion of website: active work in the acquisition of the reference weight in the search engines. Raising the ranking of Internet project in the eyes of the search engine robots.

Advantages of this type of promotion:

  • The presence of the key promoting popular queries searches in the top 10 of the search engines ensures 100% attraction of targeted traffic to the promoted the Internet site.
  • Promotion of not only basic queries for attraction of traffic, but also improvements in brand awareness, and thus significant increase of the credibility of the company, which leads to an inevitable increase in sales.
  • Stable and long-term prospects of finding a site in the search results.
  • Relatively low cost compared to contextual promotion with much better result.

Positional website promotion allows to achieve a stable result of growth and fixing in the first lines in the search results, to increase the resource rating and to dilute stagnant flavor of competitors. The advantage of this type of promotion is visual control, as opposed to the old fraudulent method of the attraction of visitors to a website using specialized software which brings nothing but harm to the site. Promote your web-sites and your own online business with SeoINTek team.