Promotion of a website with open-to-buy budget

This type of service includes a standard set of ongoing work on internal and external optimization of the web-site. The key difference of website promotion with open-to-buy budget lies in the relationship between the customer and the performer.

The aim of work with open or separate budget is the maximum transparency and full control of comprehensive measures for promotion of the business project of the customer in search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. This type of cooperation is suitable for people who wish to directly participate in the development of their business in the search network, to work together with a team of experts and to achieve success.

Promotion with open-to-buy budget has gained great popularity. It is not surprising, because in a separate budget, the limits for the services of experts and the purchase price of the reference mass are clearly defined.

Calculation system:

  1. The cost for the work of specialists is strictly fixed and does not change with an increasing of the promotion budget. Increasing of reference potential of the resource depends on the client and on the amount allocated for the promotion of the site.
  2. The cost of the reference weight: the costs on the promotion of the Internet project entirely depend on the willingness of the customer. We draw up a work plan for raising the rating of the resource, and the client decides on the costs: how much and when to use these funds in the process of search engine optimization.

Full control over the budget gives the right to control not only the promotion process, but also its subsequent result. This form of cooperation is not provided by any other program, the timing of achieving the result depends only on you!

Benefits of an open, separate budget system

  • Clearly expressed system of expenses and acquisition of the reference weight.
  • Full control over the promotion of a website.
  • Increased profitability of promoted key requests regardless of the popularity and level of difficulty.
  • Full commitment of the executive staff — work on the result.
  • Clear and transparent system of budgeting of the project.
  • Possibility of personal involvement in the planning and preparation of promotion costs.

Achieving the result is the key point of the whole planned task and the commitment should be maximized. SeoINTek and our team are working on achieving the client’s goals!